Pivoting in Place 9-24-17

Excerpt from Sunday Talk “Pivoting in Place” on 9-24-17 by Rev. Mario De Ferrari

The Abraham teachings we study on Wednesday remind us “You are born with a sense of self and of wanting to feel good. Also you are born with the mechanisms to bring the good about as you understand it.”

According to Sigmund Freud the father of psychology each of us is born into a threatening world. We seek to avoid pain and we seek pleasure. Each of us is striving to create the greatest amounts of personal happiness possible and to avoid pain as best we can. Pain avoidance is a natural instinct, but to be effective….


About the Author
Mario de Ferrari is a native of the Dominican Republic and has lived in fourteen countries. He speaks five languages. Mario is an author, with two published books: "Quantum Crawl," and "The Vortex Shift." A third book is currently in progress. After having been raised Catholic, Mario later studied Buddhism and Jewish mysticism before finding metaphysical Christianity. He has been the minister of Christ Church Unity in Anaheim, California, for almost two decades. Mario describes himself as a "spiritual coach." As such, he works to be present for others with an open, compassionate heart and a clear, receptive mind. That state allows support of each individual as the powerful being they are, in the process of discovering their own spiritual strength.