At Christ Church Unity, We Affirm These Core Unity Beliefs:

  • God is the all good, loving creator and sustainer of the Universe and our place in it.
  • God’s will for humanity is health, happiness, and abundance.
  • Prayer is a way of communicating with God and receiving spiritual guidance.
  • Jesus invites us to follow him and claim our spiritual inheritance as children of God.
  • A person’s religion can be applied to solve all the challenges of life.

Liberation is the invitation at Christ Church Unity. Liberation from unnecessary difficulties in our lives, brought on by the “seeds of thought” we consciously, and subconsciously, planted in the past.

By inviting new understanding, we can learn to think differently, and constantly improve the choices we make in our lives. We call this working in alignment with God’s Universal Law.

Just as important, we encourage and offer techniques that make us more aware of the close personal contact we have with God’s Spirit within. We realize that it is critical to recognize the intimate, immediate relationship each of us already has with God.

Yet the choice is always ours. There are no must do’s, have to’s, or ought to’s from Christ Church Unity. And there is no one to follow. In fact, we emphasize and honor the fact that each person’s ultimate guidance is unique to them alone – and must come from within.

Unity does not claim a special revelation. We realize that self mastery can be achieved along many pathways. Therefore we honor the wisdom found in diverse traditions.