Dec. 4th 2016

We hope you’ll find Christ Church Unity online messages to be uplifting and inspiring. Listen to an audio message, or read one now. You can also receive CDs or tapes with the weekly messages mailed to your home or office. They are easy to use anytime — while traveling in your car, while working around your home or garden, exercising, relaxing, or any other time that matches your lifestyle. They also make great gifts for friends or family.

Individual CDs or Audio Tapes By Mail

Each individual audio tape is available for a donation of $7.50 including shipping. An individual CD version is available for a donation of $10.00 including shipping. To order Email: iaffirmyou@aol.com

CDs or Audio Tapes Subscriptions

A six month subscription of weekly messages is also available, so you won’t need to order messages individually each week. Tapes or CDs are mailed once each month. Two weekly messages are on each tape, or CD. 6 month subscriptions are available for a donation of only $100 including shipping and handling. To place a subscription order for yourself, or a friend Email: iaffirmyou@aol.com

Enjoy our weekly messages through our blog by going here.