What is metaphysics?

Metaphysics literally means above or away from the physical. In fact, metaphysics is what Jesus taught -- that we are more than physical beings, we are also spiritual beings. Unity Metaphysics involves a systematic study of the scriptures and the application of these practical, spiritual teachings to our everyday lives.

Is Unity a cult?

Religious cults are usually personality driven and disempowering of individuals. In Unity we seek to place principles above personality and give our power away to no person on earth.

What are Unity beliefs about the Bible?

Unity is a Bible based teaching. We believe that there are many levels of wisdom in the scriptures, as they were written under the inspiration of Spirit. Those who read the Bible may turn to the same Spirit to be a personal guide and teacher revealing Truth to each individual.

What is New Thought?

New Thought is a mental system that holds man as being one with God (good) through the power of constructive thinking.

Does Unity believe in Jesus Christ?

Absolutely. Jesus is our Wayshower and Way Maker into the regeneration of consciousness. Unity describes itself as a link in the great education movement pioneered by Jesus Christ.

Does that mean Unity is Christian?

As a Bible based teaching, Unity recognizes Jesus Christ as the example of spiritual consciousness in human expression. We literally seek to follow Him in demonstrating the same consciousness of love and power. Unity also recognizes the wisdom of all traditions, and includes people of all faiths.

Would you explain your beliefs about sin?

Man was created to live in love and grace under the inspiration of Spirit. Sin is falling short of our spiritual potential -- missing the mark; that is falling short of divine perfection. Sin is man's failure to express the attributes of Being -- life, love, intelligence, wisdom, and the other God qualities.

What about the devil?

The "devil" is the mass of thoughts that have been built up in race consciousness through many generations of earthly experiences, and crystallized into what may be termed human personality, or carnal mind, which opposes and rejects God.

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